Backyard Project

This project was a large patio with seat wall and fire pit under and around a pavilion structure added to the back of a garage.
The area was all turfgrass before construction which offered a blank slate to create an inviting entertainment and relaxation area.

Many yards of loam and organic material were hauled out to create the area. Many tons of processed gravel were hauled in to construct the proper base for the patio and wall area. It was such a large area we needed to incorporate a channel drain to accept rainfall and allow the surface to drain properly.

The pavers used were Unilock Richcliff pavers using the Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe color mixed and blended on site as we installed. The pavers ended up slightly scuffed during construction which dulled the surface of the pavers. The customer wanted to bring the shine back to the pavers so we ended up sealing the pavers to get the “wet look” back to the surface. The look was exactly what the customer was looking for but when the pavers became wet they were extremely slippery. This created a very dangerous situation as a few people had actually slipped and had fallen. It is our policy to have high standards for quality and service so we needed to fix this situation immediately with a holiday weekend coming. We resealed the pavers mixing in a small plastic aggregate that created a texture to the pavers reducing the slipping hazard.
When you raise your standards to provide a great experience this sometimes means losing money but understanding that you can make it up in the long run. Losing a customer is far more expensive than losing money on a sale. This a customer we made money on but who is very demanding. These customers make up about 5% of anyone’s customer base. Most companies can take care of the first 95% of their customer base. It takes a high level of understanding, patience and high standards to deliver to the last 5%.

Some contractors choose to not work for 5% customers, we call it doing business.